TEDxPortHarcourt 2019


A people are identified by the tenets and principles and memories they have of themselves and their community. These tenets, principles and memories which are calcified into unique cultures and values are really just moments of discovery and one person’s attempt to give meaning to the world around us and find better, easier ways of doing things. Everything matters: a single word or action can go on to influence ideas and philosophies. It is a testament to the reinvention of the individual and the choice a society has to make at different points in time to evolve or continue in already repeated ideologies whether they work or not. Nothing is done in isolation—the choices, the options available, the thoughts about those actions, and how we feel about those thoughts. This year our intention is to bring that realisation to the forefront with the hopes that we become more aware of the beauty and consequences of our actions.

VENUE: Horlikins Event Centre
DATE: Nov 16 2019
TIME: 10:00